1Win Verification

1Win requires its clients to complete the verification procedure to prevent various malicious activities as well as protect the gamblers themselves and their accounts. Our website requires a minimum set of documents to make it even faster for customers to complete the whole procedure. 1Win verification should be done to meet the KYC requirements under AML and KYC policies. It requires clients to provide their proof of identity as well as their address of residence.

1win verification

Why do I need verification?

We only accept players that are 18 or older. Therefore, we request age verification to make sure that the customer is of legal age. The only document that will be required in this case is the ID, where the birth date is indicated. Apart from the age verification, we also check your identity to prevent multiaccount rule breaches. Our website allows players to create only one account per person. To make sure that a person has only one account in our company, we may request him or her to complete the 1Win verification procedure.

Why do I Need Verification

Necessary Documents

To complete the verification procedure, you need to provide us with a document that confirms your identity. This may be an ID card, a national passport, a driver’s license, or something of this kind. Such a document may be required, in particular, when you complete any type of verification, including the age check. As for AML or KYC policies, you will also be required to provide us with another document that confirms your residence. The range of such documents includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Any taxation documents.
  2. Utility Bill.
  3. Contract with an employer (where your current address is indicated).
  4. Marriage certificate, and others.

We reserve the right to request any other document at any time from our clients if we find it necessary to prove your identity.

Documents for verification

Instructions for confirming identity on 1Win

The 1Win verification procedure looks very simple, so that you feel comfortable throughout your gambling and betting activities on our website. You don’t need to confirm your identity upon registration. However, to make sure that you are 18 or above, we ask all our clients to send us copies of their ID documents before they withdraw money. The whole process of verifying your account looks as follows:

  1. Log in to your active 1Win account and go to your personal settings menu, where you can launch a withdrawal request.
  2. Provide our website with your personal data. Indicate your email address, your name, and phone number. Click the “Confirm” button to continue the procedure.
  3. A special confirmation code will be sent to your email. You need to copy it and paste it into the “Confirmation Code” line in the verification form.
  4. Provide us with copies of the required documents. You can upload a copy of your passport or any other ID document. You should also confirm the address of your residence.
  5. After you complete the previous step, you need to wait until the verification procedure is completed.

We should mention that the identity process may take up to 24 hours in general. However, according to our terms and conditions rules, we reserve the right to extend the verification procedure to 72 hours from the moment that you have provided all the documents. The papers are verified manually by our security department to avoid any mistakes. However, it may be completed even faster. If we need any additional documents, we will send you a request via the provided email address.

Verification Instruction


Does 1Win require verification?

Yes, we require verification of each account that was created on our platform. Normally, you will be asked to prove your identity before you withdraw funds. During the verification procedure, all the data that you have provided will be thoroughly examined by our security department. Make sure that you have presented relevant information about you and your contacts during the registration procedure.

When do I have to be verified by 1Win?

Normally, we request each player to verify his or her identity right before the withdrawal procedure. The cashout feature is inactive until we see that you are 18+ and that your account was created without any infringements of laws, including KYC and AML rules.